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Spiders Boxing Club Inc Volunteers Appreciation

At Spiders Boxing Club Inc (SBCI), we currently have 4 volunteers assisting every week at the club. Shannon and Katiesha volunteer in the admin office, ensuring our office runs smoothly and our participants get support and assistance with their enquiries. Damian and Leeann volunteer by coaching and running or assisting with fitness sessions. Their passion to plan & come up with new activities for all ages and fitness levels ensures our participants can meet their fitness goals whether they want to get fit, develop strength, learn self-defense techniques, learn the art of boxing or for socialization, develop friendships and most of all to have fun.

We would also like to recognize the full-time job the management committee do behind the scenes. The time it takes to make SBCI such a community orientated organisation can be challenging, tiresome and exhausting. The late-night meetings, discussion groups, forums and weekend work are just a few of the commitments the management committee endure.

SBCI have over 50 volunteers who contribute to our fundraising events ensuring they are successful. Many hands make light work and with more volunteers committing to these events, means we can all enjoy our fundraising events.

All our passionate volunteers contribute to ensure our not-for-profit organisation focuses on helping disadvantaged members within our community become better versions of themselves, in a family orientated environment.

On behalf of SBCI, we would like to show our appreciation and let you know that all your hard work goes towards assisting our community members. We see a difference in people’s lives every day and we could not do this without your assistance.

So, I’d like to take a minute to thank all of our passionate volunteers for making our club one of the best in the region. We love having you here at Spiders’ and look forward to continuing working with you.


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